A Little About Me

I’m Typpi Swaims, and this blog is what I’m gonna do instead of cleaning my house, or anything else that is considered adulting.  Unless you think tap dancing in the garage while wearing a tiara adulting because I do that sometimes.

Sparky, aka Chad, is my husband. He retired from his 25-year military career a few years ago, which means he spends a lot more time around me and is starting to realize how batshit crazy I really am. The man is a saint for putting up with me.

Sparky and I have four children, three boys and one girl. Our oldest is Christian (25), next is Josh (23), followed by Zane (23), and Railey (19) is the only girl and the caboose. All four of them are adultier than I am.

Our three cats, Bella, Fi, and Emily, are gracious enough to allow us to live with them in our house. They adult better than me, too. Probably.

Welcome to our perfectly imperfect life.

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